About Me

My name’s Josh Dhillon, I’m 21, and I’m from London. I left school in June 2017, and I’m studying English and Film at the University of Exeter. I went to school in Wimbledon, played a lot of sport, did music, but I’ve always loved to write. After I finish at uni, the goal is to be a film/TV writer, and that’s something I’m working on at the moment too, but in the meantime I thought I may as well make something productive out of my incessant watching of anything on TV. The name of the blog, as you can probably tell, took very little time to think of. I’m not that intelligent, I’m not that funny, so I thought I’d choose a name that’s to the point and informative (and funny). I watch a lot of films, and a lot of TV, and so I feel that the only way to justify it to my parents is to say I’m writing a blog about it too. That gives me free reign to sit in my room, watch movies, and write a few words about it. What a dream. Hope you like what’s on here, if you really like it let me know, if you really hate it let me know, and if you really want me to write about something in particular then let me know. Be prepared for aggressively average writing and views you may or may not agree with. My Twitter is @ITweetAboutFilm and my Instagram is @joshdhillon14. Use those if you want to get in touch, or email me at joshrdhillon@gmail.com. Enjoy.