Top 10 Movies to Watch in Quarantine

This list isn’t just aimed at my family and friends, although they should definitley watch at least a few of these, because I don’t think they have. Everyone’s gonna be locked in for a few weeks, and there’s nothing better to do than watch a tonne of movies (and revise for second-year exams). I’ve tried to make this a list of ones that you may not have seen, or might not have got round to yet. I do want to say though, over the next few weeks/months, the movie industry is fucked. Releases are delayed at cinemas, cinemas are closing and production is delayed. So, try and show some support for the movies you love. I hope cinemas survive this, and I think they will, but studios who make good films need your support. So buy/rent one on iTunes/Amazon/Sky, whatever, but don’t just watch on Netflix. There’s loads of great content on there, but you can spare £3.50 to support people that need it. If these movies stop making money, they’ll stop getting made, so please do just show some support for ones you like. That doesn’t mean buy Spider-Man: Far From Home to re-watch for the third time, Disney don’t need the money. So here’s a list of movies you might not have seen at all, might not have seen in ages, might enjoy with your friends or are so good they need a re-watch.

Blue Valentine

Gosling and Williams were, in my opinion, two of the best performers of the 2010s

Lots of people like watching rom-coms when they’ve got nothing better to do at home. This isn’t one. But it is a romance. Kind of. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams is a recipe for a great film, and this is really good. It’s not happy, but it is worth seeing.

Now You See Me/Now You See Me 2

The cast is good to be fair

Probably both in my top 5 least favourite films I’ve ever seen. They’re an insult to human intelligence. The first is horrendous, but kind of fun enough to watch, but the second is just awful. Genuinely, there is nothing good about this film. It remains the only film I’ve ever walked out of the cinema for, and I sat through Suicide Squad. Having said that, it makes a great watch if you’re watching with mates/family and want to laugh at just how bad a film is.

The Kings of Summer

This is a pleasant surprise of a film

I feel like this is one most people would have heard of, but hardly anyone saw, so watch it. It’s good. It’s a great coming-of-age tale of friendship and has some fantastic bits of comedy, absurdity and drama. It probably won’t stay with you for that long, but it’ll entertain you for a while.

Under the Silver Lake

The gaze in this film is fascinating

This is bonkers. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a weirder film. Zaveri hated it, a lot, but I kinda liked it. It’s a homage to the noir films of 50s, it’s a movie about movies and it’s darkly funny. Andrew Garfield is brilliant, but the star is undoubtedly director David Robert Mitchell, who directs this immaculately framed, gorgeously shot film. It’s crazy, but worth a watch.


This will mess with your head

Again, crazy film. I’ve talked about this before, so I won’t say too much besides it’s one of the most thought provoking and mind-bending films I’ve ever seen. Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve together is a recipe for a masterpiece, and this is that. The only thing better than Jake Gyllenhaal starring? Jake Gyllenhaal starring as two characters.

The Nice Guys

The second Gosling film on my list

Remember? You probably saw posters for it at the time and never saw it. But do. Like Under the Silver Lake, it’s an ode to the noir films of the 50s, but takes a hugely comedic approach. Gosling, Crowe, Bomer, are all fantastic in this hilarious detective story that you’ll be glad you saw.

Wild Rose

Jessie Buckley is a future star

Imagine if A Star is Born was about a country singer from Glasgow. That’s this, kind of. It’s a more drawn back version of A Star is Born and I think I prefer it. Jessie Buckley is outrageously good, as both a singer and an actress, and this film is one of the best of last year. If you like musical films, watch it as soon as possible.

The Irishman

It’s long, but worth seeing

I know, everyone’s heard of this. But I would be willing to guess lots of you weren’t bothered to spend 3.5 hours watching it. But now you’re at home, so why not. I didn’t like it at all, but I’m in the minority. Pesci in particular is great in this sombre look at the gangster life.

High Life

Some of the most stunning imagery you’ll see

Unless you’re quite into cinema, you might not have heard of this Claire Denis film. I’m an enormous, enormous Robert Pattinson fan, and he is incredible in this sci-fi drama. It’s slow, and impeccably crafted, and will leave you deep in thought. If you’re into accessible films, probably not for you, but if you’re willing to push yourself, it’ll be worth it.


Bong loves dressing Tilda Swinton up as a crazy lady

Okay so you saw Parasite and loved it. Didn’t we all. Lucky for you, this offering from Bong is on Netflix and it is really, really good. He called Parasite his ‘staircase’ movie, and Snowpiercer his ‘corridor’ movie. They share similar themes, although this is definitely darker. Chris Evans is one of my favourite actors, and really makes this worth the watch.

BONUS: The Raimi Trilogy

Second best Peter Parker and third best Spider-Man, but good films

Me, Kwes and Euan have been trying to decide which series to binge. The MCU is too big, Lord of the Rings would include the Hobbit trilogy, which suck, and watching Harry Potter without Zaveri wouldn’t be right. We decided on the Raimi Trilogy. Tonight is Euan’s last night in our house before he goes back to London, I guess tonight is the night. Guys?

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